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The Story

The Music of Len magee

Read how Len was sent as a child migrant from England to Australia, followed the hippie drug orientated subculture, which led him through Singapore, Calcutta and Northern India, Kathmandu in Nepal, to Europe and eventually Great Britain; where he came to faith and trained for the ministry before returning to live in Australia.


Len & Heather

Len and his wife, Heather, have spent all of their married life in ministry and church planting. Len has written of his early life and coming to faith in a book called Coming Home. Heather has recently written of her experience of twice suffering cancer and other difficult experiences. It is now published by Amazon as Diamonds in the Dark.

The Music

The Music of Len Magee

Over the years Len has written over seventy songs and recorded 9 albums. Music straight from his heart to God’s as one reviewer wrote. As Len travelled and ministered around the world he became one of the best known Christian singer/ song writers. Len’s albums are no longer sold but all of them are available on his YouTube channel